• geometria sacra flower of life
    Flower of Life
    Rediscovered from Osireion of Abydos
  • geomeria sacra albero della vita
    The Creation
  • geometria sacra cubo di metatron
    The Prince of the Angels
  • geometria sacra yantra
    The Medium
  • geometria sacra sri yantra
    Tree of Life
    In Corten Steel
  • geometria sacra logo
    From Paper to Metal

sacred geometry
Objects and hand-works

Our first steps in researching information and answers in this fascinating world have created and shaped our work: faithfully represent the original proportions and shapes of the symbols of sacred geometry, starting from the study of images and authentic patterns. Not only that, we are carried by the flow of creativity that makes us able to create unique and aesthetically harmonious hand works, relaxing to be observed, perfect for decorating, valorizing and embellishing.

Our goal is to create in a tangible and three-dimensional way the symbols that have been always present in Life and in Philosophy of Mankind, in addition to other geometric and aesthetically beautiful creations. We want to intrigue and reveal something that today has become less common, but it remains a source of inspiration and creativity for everyone. Something that is unusual and unique, which tries to satisfy all aesthetic tastes with sinuous, harmonious and geometrically perfect shapes.

We carefully create hand works with precision, representing the symbols of the Sacred Geometry and all types of regular geometric constructions. The research of creativity and passion leads us constantly to follow a path of evolution in our products. Using the latest technology accompanied by the irreplaceable craftsmanship of experienced and passionate hands, we started to actualize these figures in various forms "to wear", "to decorate", "to improve."

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Who I am:

A man who believes in love sharing.

I have always been fascinated by the mystery and what is happening in our minds; I believe that only when you try to unite the marking points of your our life’s stages, you can perceive the drawing that represents it.



“To my dear friend Maurizio, a person rich in human values and deep innerity in which you can always count on, because your availability and generosity to others are a precious and rare added value. Our roads converge in a common effort to discover what is real but impalpable, which can help those who need it most. Your enthusiasm and determination in achieving the ideals are what distinguish you and I am happy to be here in this evolutionary journey in search of true values and spirituality. And I would like to conclude with a phrase by Mother Teresa of Calcutta who expresses my thoughts perfectly and wants to be an affectionate wish for your new activity: " I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot. What we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.. " With esteem and affection.”


Dario D. Medic

“It's a big luck have met a person like Maurizio because he is like a rare pearl, a present person, altruist, respectful and he has so much to give and teach. He was able to help me in a very difficult moment and he helped me to understand that everything is possible if we ask it to the universe in the right way: using love. Thank you for everything Maurizio, you are a wonderful person, Special. You deserve the best of the best. A hug of light.”


Samantha T. Insurance Agent

“I met Maurizio in poetry and immediately I was ecstatic of his so special way of expressing himself. Determined and authentic, it can give an effective and at the same time expressive impact to his thinking, translating it into verses full of lyricism. In Maurizio's poetry, as in friendship, there is the delicacy of feeling, there is breathing in the clearly evocative intimacy of memory, regret, and love, and where, never forgotten, remain perennial anchored in memory. An atmosphere of other times is siped, images that get drunk of nostalgic and secret hopes. The words arise in extreme purity, while you feel lost in this escape, where the melody of every thought becomes an ineffable feeling of a moment. The refinement of images is very precisely that makes its verses worthy of reflexive ideas, which often result in nostalgic songs. Cants that loosen through a strong introspection, in a dance that has soft cadences and where, on a careful note, wandering silent and particularly exciting shadows. Maurizio impressed for his extreme sensitivity attitude, for his ability to listen to others and to himself, for his simple, humble, profoundly full of moral personality, characteristic to those who have great spirit and great respect for life.”


Rita M.Poetess

“I knew him by practicing Reiki during a critical moment in my life and he gave me a great help in rediscovering and recovering myself. I can say that it is difficult to find such a mix of humility and desire to know in a single person, in a person who doesn't fossilize in his already extensive knowledge but wants to study, learn, and experience things that are new to him. Every discovery would have no meaning for him without the possibility of sharing it with others, with generosity designed to right. For me, he is a friend and an example to follow.”


Giorgio G.Graphic Designer

“With simplicity and elegance, you have been able to describe the beauty of your works. Beyond the beauty of every symbol, truly masterfully realized, is revealed the beauty of your soul. This is not adulation, but it is the clear sentiment that is emanated from your creations, creations of a hearty man who has only one intent: to convey the language of Pure Love. You are spreading with full hands an invaluable treasure and the World needs it so much. Thank you, Maurizio, for your art, but especially also for your humility that makes you BIG indeed! With esteem and affection.”


Paola S.Biologist