Made with precision laser cutting starting from the design, it is then hand brushed, making each pendant unique. This final finishing exalt the reflections and gives a pleasant touching feel. Finally, a transparent protective coating is applied, which guarantees resistance to external agents, ensuring perfect durability over time.

It represents the will, the manifestation of the Divinity or its will within the issues that belong to our World. Starting from the center, you can see a circle divided into 6 parts by 2 "Phi", mirrored one up and one down. It is the same you can see in the center of the Flower of Life made by the curved line. Starting from the 2D drawing, we can see the representation of the Solids in 3 dimensions: the pyramid, the cube, the tetrahedron and the other Perfect Solids. The point in the center made by the union of the 6 lines is the Vertex of a hexagonal base pyramid, and it is also the Edge of two cubes, one bigger and one smaller. These cubes are not empty: there are two pyramids in them. Continuing, you can find the representation of a Diamond seen from above, formed by the six triangles that have their bases coincident with the outermost edges of the figure, and the central part of the drawing becomes the vertex od the Diamond oriented in depth respect to the figure. The 5 "Perfect Solids" and their interweaving are the two-dimensional view of all the forms that known molecules can take. They therefore represent all the configurations that the Matter of our world can make, displaying all possible models of reality and replica watches

Hand brushed galvanized steel with transparent protective coating. dimension: 35x35 -55x55 cm. 1,2 mm
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