Made with precision laser cutting starting from the design, it is then hand brushed, making each pendant unique. This final finishing exalt the reflections and gives a pleasant touching feel. Finally, a transparent protective coating is applied, which guarantees resistance to external agents, ensuring perfect durability over time.

They are geometrically sinuous and harmonious figures that with their precise and particular shapes transmit serenity and positivity. This Yantra can be catalysts for the concentration and meditation of those who take the right time to observe it. They are a symbol of everything that is positive. Each single part, line, or bow is in perfect harmony with all the others that draw the Yantra. They are drawings that we can found in every Nature Elements. For example, looking at the center of the sunflower from above. Or by displaying magnetic fields with iron powder. They transmit a sense of movement, from the center to the outside and then mutually back from the outside to the center. It is always possible to find triangles, that are the basic and fundamental representation present in everything. Some of these triangles are inward oriented and some are oriented toward the outside, this create a sense of movement and alternation, as in a harmonious frequency. Curved lines lead to the development of the optic to read the sphere, a 2D surface that becomes 3D, like the reflections on the surface of a drop of water. The frame is a square with 4 "T", the Tao, representing the trinity of Man. The sum of these 4 trinity forms the number 12: the complete year, the complete man, the cosmic man. These drawings are the mirror of the geometry we have inside.

Hand brushed galvanized steel with transparent protective coating. diameter: 49 -74 cm 1,2 mm
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