Sri Yantra

geometric frame

Steel Sri Yantra with geometric frame. Made with precision laser cutting starting from the design, it is then hand brushed, making each pendant unique. This final finishing exalt the reflections and gives a pleasant touching feel. Finally, a transparent protective coating is applied, which guarantees resistance to external agents, ensuring perfect durability over time.

The Sri Yantra is represent the creation and equilibrium of the Universe. The central point, called "Bindu", is the geometric representation of the beginning of creation. Around this central point, the 4 upright triangles represent "Shiva" the male essence, harmoniously balanced by the 5 remaining downward triangular that represent "Shakti" the feminine essence. The 43 smaller triangles, that are formed by the intersections of the 9 major ones, represent the "Cosmic Uterus", the Universe. This Yantra is considered one of the most powerful Symbols in absolute and has enclosed within it the meaning of harmonious birth and coexistence of male and female duality, evil and good, black and white, but this duality is dispersed and integrated into biggest unequal completeness of the universe.

Hand brushed galvanized steel with transparent protective coating. dimension: 40x40 -49x49 -74x74 cm 1,2 mm
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Sri Yantra