Open Frame with Leaves

This is a more realistic representation of the traditional symbol, with more details on leaves and trunk. Made with precision laser cutting starting from the design, it is then hand brushed, making each pendant unique. This final finishing exalt the reflections and gives a pleasant touching feel. Finally, a transparent protective coating is applied, which guarantees resistance to external agents, ensuring perfect durability over time.

It encloses within it various symbolisms, which are all linked to the concept of Cosmic Creation. By observing the image, you can highlight the symbol of Ankh, an ancient Egyptian key symbol of life, which is formed by the trunk and the main branches in the form of "T" at the center of the drawing. Continuing, you see how the circular head of the Ankh doubles and it is mirrored upward becoming an 8. Inside the trunk, to the height where the branches cross, there is the "Eye" rotated vertically. The Eye is also set at the height of the heart of a Man, which, by symbology, is binds to the drawing in every kind of representative versions. Another common feature of all the designs of the Tree of Life are the Roots that in this case are similar to the Celtic knots and are always very dense and intricate. In addition, the Roots are always connected to the Branches at least in one point inside the symbol. The meanings of this draw are also associated with the tree in the garden of Eden, as a symbol of a source of life and nourishment. The branches symbolize the "Heavens" and the intricate roots symbolize the Origins of Humanity. These two types of meanings are not distant or disconnected from each others but they come together by finding a meeting point. The Tree of Life is also a symbol of connection between Mother Earth and the Universe, in which the trunk represents the connection between the the “earth floor” and the “celestial floor”: the Man, like the Tree, is the son of heaven and earth, and he is the intersection point and key link between everything that is up and all that is down.

Hand brushed galvanized steel with transparent protective coating. diameter: 40 -50 -74 cm 1,2 mm
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